Demo Reel – AWOL Project

Here’s probably the last of my BUILD era videos I’ll be posting up, this time of The AWOL Project.

AWOL Project Demo Reel

The AWOL Project was a large and ambitious cinematic total conversion in development between 2002 and 2005ish. The project was sadly and unfortunately abandoned late in development, mostly due to lack of mapping talent. The source code, art assets and a treasure trove of 1/10th finished terrible maps sat on my hard drive for about 2 years before I decided to release it all to the Duke community.

The release includes 4 demo maps, seen in the video, which show off the headline effects in the TC – advanced friendly AI bots, useable vehicles, and so on. The AWOL Project used eDuke very early in it’s development and is one of the first mods to use the engine; many of the effects created for AWOL would not be seen or used again in a mod for many years down the road!

If you’re interested in playing AWOL, you can download the files at the forums. All you need is a legal copy of Duke 3D and the latest eDuke32. There’s not much, but it’s there!