I started out as a maker by designing video games in my bedroom in my early teens. I was heavily involved in the indie game development scene for most of the 00’s until eventually returning to physical art in 2010.

I’ve been building costumes and props since around 2000, and over time I’ve expanded my skills and techniques to incorporate more complex methods. With a background in digital design and 3D modeling for game development, it was an easy transition to 3D printing and CAD for prop building. Since 2011, I’ve been working with 3D printing and CNC technology, and have been using and building 3D printers for various projects. In 2013, I discovered the Atlanta maker community and connected with the builders, makers, and artists from all over the Southeast.

My skillset has expanded alongside my interests and projects, and I take on new technologies and techniques with every new challenge. I have developed skills ranging from Arduino and other electronic art, animatronics, custom prosthetics, and robotics.

I am constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities to test myself as an artist and push my knowledge and creativity as a maker.