Gravity Gun Prop

Built in 2010, this prop was my first experience with 3D printing and laser cutting and opened my deep interest in digital fabrication. This was also the most complex electronic project at the time and taught me a number of lessons in design and application.

The CAD design was based off of the original game model for geometric accuracy, and details were refined and added to make the final piece visually appealing compared to the low resolution original model. The majority of the build was made from stacked laser cut acrylic parts which were chemically welded, and the rear body was 3D printed in several parts which were fused before being finished. The rear body was then molded and a hollow rotocast reproduction was made.

The prop uses real hardware for the several dozen nuts and bolts and hold the front and rear sections together. Nearly 200 LEDs were wired to produce the dual color lighting effects. This project was completed in 2011.