Furiosa’s Bionic Arm Replica

This prop was a passion project and a dream come true – building a real working prosthetic for the cosplayer who contacted me about making her a real Furiosa bionic arm. This project was also the first that required major 3D scanning to produce accurate results.

The client is a congenital amputee of her left arm, and to make a properly fitting prosthetic, a life cast was molded and cast from plaster. This plaster reproduction was then 3D scanned and used for the basis of the 3D model. Because the arm cup was designed around an accurate scan of her arm, the fit and scale of the final project was perfect.

The design was then 3D printed and finished over the course of several weeks. A custom and screen accurate leather harness system was also fabricated to attach the arm and shoulder piece to the cosplayer. This project was completed in 2015.