Demo Reel – AWOL Project

Here’s probably the last of my BUILD era videos I’ll be posting up, this time of The AWOL Project.

AWOL Project Demo Reel

The AWOL Project was a large and ambitious cinematic total conversion in development between 2002 and 2005ish. The project was sadly and unfortunately abandoned late in development, mostly due to lack of mapping talent. The source code, art assets and a treasure trove of 1/10th finished terrible maps sat on my hard drive for about 2 years before I decided to release it all to the Duke community.

The release includes 4 demo maps, seen in the video, which show off the headline effects in the TC – advanced friendly AI bots, useable vehicles, and so on. The AWOL Project used eDuke very early in it’s development and is one of the first mods to use the engine; many of the effects created for AWOL would not be seen or used again in a mod for many years down the road!

If you’re interested in playing AWOL, you can download the files at the forums. All you need is a legal copy of Duke 3D and the latest eDuke32. There’s not much, but it’s there!

Demo Reel – Grins of Divinity

As part of updating my portfolio with more substantial media, I’m making videos of some of my older projects. First up is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition called Grins of Divinity. I was the sole programmer on the project, responsible for everything from enemy AI, environmental effects, gameplay features, and a few “cinematic” moments where items would be airdropped in or enemies would paratroop from a UFO.

Of special mention is the particles used in the game (for smoke, blood, sparks and a few other things) was written from the ground up. The original Duke3D BUILD engine did not have any features like these.

Additionally, the AI for all of the enemies and civilians was completely written from scratch. It doesn’t seem to have aged very well though – the limited BUILD engine makes them seem pretty dated, though I guess the Duke3D engine is something like almost 20 years old now.

Grins of Divinity Demo Reel 1
Grins of Divinity Demo Reel 2

You can also read a review of Grins of Divinity from 2002 here.

I’ll be uploading the TC for download soon. You can play it completely unaltered from it’s 2002 release date, all you need is a legal copy of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition and the eDuke32 port of the BUILD engine.

EDIT 12/2
Added a second video.


So, it seems that I’ve lost some old code of mine. I was planning on going through and taking video of projects, including older stuff, but I guess I can’t now.

I have lost some of my eDuke32 A* project files; I have backups of the code, but the art assets are gone. This isn’t a huge loss, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to replace the art but it’s not the end of the world. Along with this was some random AI projects and concepts, nothing monumental but still a shame to have lost.

I’ve lost the original versions of the Grins of Divinity TC code, which really sucks because I had the pipe dream of one day bringing that project into eDuke. The released code is “compressed” which makes it next to impossible to be human-readable.

I’m still hunting for possible copies, the #1 place they would have been they’re missing from, but I do have some older physical DVD backups somewhere. I’m afraid they might have gotten thrown out when I purged before moving into my new apartment, so hopefully it’s not entirely a waste. We’ll see I guess.

What A Sweet Fucking LCD

For those of you who don’t know, I run dual monitors because it is fucking awesome. It also helps me get things done more easily when I am in the mood to work, but it is also super great for web surfing + chatting and doing other shit. So anyway, I had these 2 ancient CRT monitors, one was a 14″ pile and the other is a 17″ huge beast. The 14″ one finally died and it wasn’t a surprise, the text has been super fuzzy on it for months now and I was just counting the days until it went out. And it finally did.

Holy shit why didn’t I buy an LCD monitor sooner. I found a 22″ widescreen on sale for pretty cheap and it is blowing my fucking mind. I can’t wait until next pay period to buy a matching one. Time to throw a monitor off of the fire escape as they say.

Back in the real world, I finally decided to package the AWOL Map Pack and make it available for download. After several months and about a page and a half of people begging for it on the 3D Realms forums, it’s out in all of it’s craptacular glory. There are 91 maps in total and each and every single one of them is unfinished and broken in more ways than I can count. But hey, you guys wanted it, so enjoy.

It looks like the EDuke32 guys took my idea to heart and added in true Array support to the CON engine, thank fucking christ. As much as I love doing backflips to keep in spirit of Duke editing, the hackery that we managed to fake arrays with really sucked and I’m glad there is real support. I may or may not want to rewrite the A* Pathfinding algorithm I wrote for EDuke32 and finish up the DukeRTS tech demo. No promises though, but I would like to finish the A* to some degree.

Oh yeah, F7Lans is having our annual Atlanta LAN Party, go there now if you are within a 200 mile radius of Atlanta!

Server Upgrades, AWOL Patch

At some point in the near future, me and my webhost are going to upgrade the server. We are expecting this to happen sometime within the next week or so but we can’t be sure, so if the network happens to go down then that is why!

On the same note, I will gladly accept donations to help raise funds for a better, faster system. Contact me and/or leave a comment if you are interested in donating!

In other news, I am releasing an official patch for The AWOL Project. This patch fixes a few of the many bugs in the system, but mostly the more glaring ones specifically dealing with the AI Helper Bots. Go ahead and download it now!

Home At Last

After nearly 7 years, 2 of which that were spent totally wasted, The AWOL Project source code has been released. Check out the downloads page.

This first release is just the “core” files – all of the CONs, sounds, and ART tiles, as well as a few test maps so you can start having fun with AWOL. I am going to be releasing a map pack in the coming days, that will include some fully-playable maps.

Thank you everyone for the enjoyable ride that was AWOL. Who knows what the future holds, now?

Have fun.

AWOL Source Release

After 2 years and a number of emails, IMs, and private messages, I’ve decided to release the source files for The AWOL Project. I’ve told myself that I would fix the code up and make it all playable, and since I’ve done nothing but sit on it and let it rot, I think it’s time that everyone gets their hands on The Damn Best TC That Never Was.

Right now, I’m going through the old CON files and removing broken or defunct code, and adding a ton of comments about the Friendly AI Bots and vehicles. Future mod-developers should find a lot of this information handy, though I’m sure that the newer EDuke releases make a lot of these hacks moot now.

I’m almost done going through the code and finding all of the missing art and sound files. I’m planning on releasing tomorrow Tuesday. Everyone stay tuned.