The Hunted TF2

Whoops I kind of forgot to post about this here.

I have just finished writing a server-side SourceMod plugin for TF2 that recreates The Hunted from TFC. For those of you who aren’t awesome, The Hunted is a VIP escort game type where Blue must escort a lonely, wrench-wielding Engineer (well, in this version) through the map while Red tries to assassinate him and score points. There are class restrictions among other things, but I’ll leave the gritty details to something I have already spent time writing. is of course running this mod so you can feel free to play it whenever there are people on. I’d recommend no less than 8 players since it gets kind of tedious and boring with any less.

I’m also working with a few friends on a remake of the classic Hunted map, as well as a “re-imagining” of border1, the Border Cross map that was another favorite! Watch for news about these in the coming weeks.

UPDATE 7/15/08
I just released 1.1.0 of the mod which fixes some exploits and adds in a limit to the number of Pyros on RED. Check the AlliedModders link for full changelog info.