Demo Reel – Grins of Divinity

As part of updating my portfolio with more substantial media, I’m making videos of some of my older projects. First up is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition called Grins of Divinity. I was the sole programmer on the project, responsible for everything from enemy AI, environmental effects, gameplay features, and a few “cinematic” moments where items would be airdropped in or enemies would paratroop from a UFO.

Of special mention is the particles used in the game (for smoke, blood, sparks and a few other things) was written from the ground up. The original Duke3D BUILD engine did not have any features like these.

Additionally, the AI for all of the enemies and civilians was completely written from scratch. It doesn’t seem to have aged very well though – the limited BUILD engine makes them seem pretty dated, though I guess the Duke3D engine is something like almost 20 years old now.

Grins of Divinity Demo Reel 1
Grins of Divinity Demo Reel 2

You can also read a review of Grins of Divinity from 2002 here.

I’ll be uploading the TC for download soon. You can play it completely unaltered from it’s 2002 release date, all you need is a legal copy of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition and the eDuke32 port of the BUILD engine.

EDIT 12/2
Added a second video.


So, it seems that I’ve lost some old code of mine. I was planning on going through and taking video of projects, including older stuff, but I guess I can’t now.

I have lost some of my eDuke32 A* project files; I have backups of the code, but the art assets are gone. This isn’t a huge loss, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to replace the art but it’s not the end of the world. Along with this was some random AI projects and concepts, nothing monumental but still a shame to have lost.

I’ve lost the original versions of the Grins of Divinity TC code, which really sucks because I had the pipe dream of one day bringing that project into eDuke. The released code is “compressed” which makes it next to impossible to be human-readable.

I’m still hunting for possible copies, the #1 place they would have been they’re missing from, but I do have some older physical DVD backups somewhere. I’m afraid they might have gotten thrown out when I purged before moving into my new apartment, so hopefully it’s not entirely a waste. We’ll see I guess.

Moving the blog

If it isn’t already obvious, I am moving the site’s blog over to a phpBB forum. I’m also planning on using the forum for other information about some projects I’m working on, but all of that is pretty WIP at the moment. Expect to see more stuff here soon!

Fun With Unity

There’s got to be a good Dave Chapelle joke in that title somewhere.

I’ve been playing around with the Unity 3D engine recently and it’s blowing my mind. Here’s a little something I’ve worked on the past couple of nights. It’s pretty early still, far from what you would actually call a game, but things are shaping up really quickly for it thus far!

Unity RTS Demo

Thanks to Adric for one of the tanks, and dutchforce’s Tiberian Sun-era NOD Construction Yard model from Google Sketchup warehouse.

Special mention to this community example project which kind of put me on this path (and for, at the time of this writing, 2 of the models). I actually originally started out by converting this project from JavaScript to C#, but I have long since abandoned almost everything from the project (sans the models as placeholders).

Suicide Note

I seriously want to slit my wrists right now. Turns out I JUST MISSED two of my favorite bands – Blitzen Trapper and Stars – in concert. Why doesn’t anybody tell me these things?

And to make things worse, I have to choose between Delta Spirit and this Johnny Cash tribute night me and my friend have been planning on going to. How the hell am I suppose to choose!

Life is so cruel.

HL2:DM Server Ban Error

HL2:DM was ported to the Orange Box branch of Source today, which is totally awesome. I’m looking forward to porting some of my maps to the new engine with the new features.

In other news, it looks like one of my anti-cheat plugins on my server wrongly banned about 80 people. I went ahead and lifted this ban, so I apologize to anyone who was wrongly caught!