Suicide Note

I seriously want to slit my wrists right now. Turns out I JUST MISSED two of my favorite bands – Blitzen Trapper and Stars – in concert. Why doesn’t anybody tell me these things?

And to make things worse, I have to choose between Delta Spirit and this Johnny Cash tribute night me and my friend have been planning on going to. How the hell am I suppose to choose!

Life is so cruel.

Irrational Fear of Water in Video Games

I posted this on the F7 forum but I figure I’d post it here to reach a broader audience. And I promise I’ll post a real update soon, but I’m not sure about what! But, I’ve been playing a ton of Minecraft with some friends of mine and this came up. I mentioned this in the F7Lans Ventrilo the other night, and I found out I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m curious if anybody else does.

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The Games I Love

Hey and we’re back. I redesigned things, have you noticed? This is the… third? time I have redesigned my site. This go around I am just streamlining some things up front to look a lot nicer, I had kind of started to not care about the browser inconsistencies and other little minor problems with my previous look. That and I learned a while ago that using text-in-images only is a pretty terrible idea, so I’m going for a much more web-friendly version. Look at the text!

I also spent a long time fixing up my back-end stuff. Have I ever said that I wrote my own CMS to manage my site? It’s true. I don’t like shit like php Nuke and whatever other options there might be out there, so when I opened my site like 4 years ago I had a very basic CMS backend. It has grown as I have grown both in terms of needs and knowledge, and now I’m on like v3.0 or something. I don’t keep track, it’s not like anybody is ever going to see it and/or care.

Well, a lot of things happened during my little down time.

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What A Sweet Fucking LCD

For those of you who don’t know, I run dual monitors because it is fucking awesome. It also helps me get things done more easily when I am in the mood to work, but it is also super great for web surfing + chatting and doing other shit. So anyway, I had these 2 ancient CRT monitors, one was a 14″ pile and the other is a 17″ huge beast. The 14″ one finally died and it wasn’t a surprise, the text has been super fuzzy on it for months now and I was just counting the days until it went out. And it finally did.

Holy shit why didn’t I buy an LCD monitor sooner. I found a 22″ widescreen on sale for pretty cheap and it is blowing my fucking mind. I can’t wait until next pay period to buy a matching one. Time to throw a monitor off of the fire escape as they say.

Back in the real world, I finally decided to package the AWOL Map Pack and make it available for download. After several months and about a page and a half of people begging for it on the 3D Realms forums, it’s out in all of it’s craptacular glory. There are 91 maps in total and each and every single one of them is unfinished and broken in more ways than I can count. But hey, you guys wanted it, so enjoy.

It looks like the EDuke32 guys took my idea to heart and added in true Array support to the CON engine, thank fucking christ. As much as I love doing backflips to keep in spirit of Duke editing, the hackery that we managed to fake arrays with really sucked and I’m glad there is real support. I may or may not want to rewrite the A* Pathfinding algorithm I wrote for EDuke32 and finish up the DukeRTS tech demo. No promises though, but I would like to finish the A* to some degree.

Oh yeah, F7Lans is having our annual Atlanta LAN Party, go there now if you are within a 200 mile radius of Atlanta!

I have a confession

After I shower, I turn off the water and go into a crouch, butt naked in the shower with no sound in the Terminator position (when he came to the past) and then I slowly rise up, with the Terminator theme playing in my head, until I’m standing firm and tall.

This emotionally prepares me for the day.

I have no idea what is going on

Getting semi-excited about the presidential election this year.

You know, there’s not a lot of shit to report! ThinkingWithPortals has been consuming a huge amount of my time for no real explainable reason, and every time I look at the webstats for the domain I can’t believe I managed to grab such an awesome domain name. Hopefully Valve won’t pull out the Trademark Infringement card and shut me down!

f0rkz won’t stop bugging me to work on the F7Lans site, so I think I might start doing that sometime soon. We’ll see, as he wants a Might Fuckload of stuff done that I’m not sure will be easy to integrate at all.

Fucking Google Adsense decided to pull my account because of totally legit SEO tomfoolery. It’s not my fault that their payment system is based on Page Views, and ThinkingWithPortal’s SEO generates a few thousand unique “pages”! Oh well, I never saw the money so it’s not like I’m missing out. I am using a new advertisement site that sucks a lot but atleast it’s something!

That’s really it. There’s nothing else going on. I need a break!

Digital Lifestyle, Upgraded!

After adding a lot of Search Engine Optimization features to the forums and wiki, I’ve really gotten into the swing of setting things up to be more search engine friendly. So, if you haven’t noticed the new URLs around here then that’s why. It’s also been a great deterrant against the few spammers that have caught on to the site and been posting random bullshit, but it’s stuff like that why I made the comments here only displayed after approval. Anyway, ThinkingWithPortals and have fallen to the SEO beast, and my other sites will soon follow suit. Be on the lookout, PageRank!

Speaking of comments, I am thinking about adding a comment system to the actual content pages here for whatever reason. I’ve severely updated the comment code so it is pretty portable now and easily added to other pages that I’d want. Be on the lookout for that.

I also added an auto-generated RSS feed to site that pulls information from the news posts, in case you seriously care enough about this site to want to read it in your favorite feed reader or your iPod or something. Personally I think stuff like that is superfluous, but to each his own I guess.

I’m also going to be doing a pretty big update to all of the actual pages here. Yeah sure, Supreme Commander was really fun to mod but the actual community didn’t go anywhere and it seemed almost too open ended. Plus, having to make 300,000 models to replace units or create a new race isn’t exactly my idea of fun.