Crunk Rally

To be totally honest, I’m not sure if I can sum all of this up in just a few simple paragraphs.

Crunk Rally – cr_circle is the spawn of a 20+ page thread on the forums. What began as an off-hand remark turned into a video (available on the Downloads page) and this map. It isn’t so much a real, playable map as it is a test for the ideas which would later turn into a Mod – specifically the popular “spinning rims” effect.

The perpetual motion is, truth be told, a serious hack. While it does technically still rely on the motion of the buggy, there was no simple way to determine when and if the buggy was moving forward. However, after lots of tinkering with some seldom-used entities, the effect was mimicked to satisfaction.

The “hydraulics” were added later on and are actually pretty simple. You can activate them by pressing the Fire button while in the buggy. They’re also useful for jumping over the guard rail!

The mod that this spawned, Ghetto All-Stars: Crunk Rally, is still an idea I would like to fulfill at some point. If anyone out there has experience programming with Source and would like to contribute, please contact me. However, due to the immensely poor vehicle network code, this mod may get life as a UT2k8 instead.

This map originally worked for multiplayer, but one of the recent updates to the codebase must have taken out support for the dune buggy in HL2DM. So that means you won’t be able to enjoy this map with the company of others, unless they happen to be crowded around your computer while you’re screwing around in the map. 😉

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