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VideoThe Sheep & The Peach (2011) Gameplay • Unity3D
VideoCrunk Rally (2006) Gameplay • Source Engine
VideoSource Chariots (2005) Gameplay • Source Engine
VideoThe AWOL Project (2005) Demo Reel • BUILD Engine
VideoGrins of Divinity (2002) Gameplay • BUILD Engine
VideoGrins of Divinity (2002) Demo Reel • BUILD Engine

ScreenshotsSource Chariots (2005)

Over the years I have worked on quite a number of projects large and small. The largest ones are probably Grins of Divinity, The AWOL Project and Advanced AI Project, all three of which I was primary AI and other effect programmer. I am most proud of my work on The AWOL Project for creating usable vehicles, something never before done in an EDuke32 mod. I also really enjoyed working on the AI Project since it made me think of things like pathfinding and it’s importance in AI in a new light.

By far the most popular was Source Chariots. After it’s release there were quite a few servers running it as a “fun map”, even though the racers would sometimes get stuck or lost on a distant edge of the map and require a map change in order to get things back in order. I am going to recompile it soon to fix the bugs with the engine causing the crashes. Hopefully it won’t require too much extra work to get working again but we’ll see I suppose!

I have also worked on a number of unreleased maps as either proofs for a mapping concept or an entity setup, or because I simply had a great idea for some atmosphere that I wanted to create. You can view screenshots of my general work below.