The AWOL Project


Release (Readme) *Required* • The AWOL Project source files. Contains all of the necessary CON, sound, and ART files. Also includes 4 test maps to try out the fun stuff.

1.0 Patch (Readme) *Required* • The AWOL Project Patch 1.0. Contains misc. code updates and fixes some of the more glaring errors.

Map Pack (Readme) • Map Pack for The AWOL Project. 91 mid-development maps from various members of the development team, and a bunch of effects testing maps. Warning: these maps suck!



Gameplay / Effects Demo Reel


The AWOL Project was a large, ambitious Total Conversion for Duke Nukem 3D. It utilized the EDuke engine enhancement, and featured many new and unseen special features that no other TC before it had offered. However, due to many problems with the development team and a lack of mapping talent, the TC eventually shut down and became defunct.

As the lead programmer, I created some very advanced, never before seen AI and features. The two main advances were driveable vehicles and highly intelligent Friendly AI Bots. The player could use 3 vehicles; an Apache attack chopper, and M1A1 Abrams Tank, and a Hummer Jeep. Each of these vehicles included their own unique abilities and weapons, which would have allowed players to access new areas or defeat enemies with ease.

The Friendly AI was also unique because they could each have unique abilities. One type of Friendly, an AI Medic, could heal both you and other wounded Friendly AIs. Another had a flamethrower that could damage enemies greatly and set parts of the landscape on fire. There was also a Radio AI, who could call in a devastating aerial bombardment that would cover a huge area in a deadly airstrike.

I have decided to release the entire source for The AWOL Project, as it has been dead for several years now. The last any of the original team communicated was some time in 2005. The source will be available for download in the coming days, so stay tuned.

The CON files will contain extensive commenting, detailing how many of the new effects were created and how they can be used in other mods. The source will be playable out of the box, so user maps can be created easily from the framework. At this point, The AWOL Project is essentially a TC with no maps.

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