Grins of Divinity


Original release • Released 2/1/2002. This version has been tested with the latest stable release of EDuke32. However, due to it’s age and code decay, there may be case examples where the game will crash.

EDuke32 Patch • Coming soon


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Gameplay Video

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Grins of Divinity is a full single player Total Conversion for Duke Nukem 3D. It started development in 2000 and was fully completed and released in February, 2002. This is by far the largest and most successful fully completed project I have worked on. I joined in 2000 some time shortly after it had began as the primary programmer, and during the course of the project I helped the project leader manage various parts of the development, as well as direct the 25+ man team. The 2 year development time for a totally user-made mod is very impressive even for such an old game as Duke Nukem 3D.

I rewrote many aspects of the game from scratch, including totally new AI for all of the enemies featured in the game, weapon gameplay and visual effects, as well as drafting a concept of and developed a monetary system which allowed the player to purchase items, weapons and ammo at certain periods in the game. I also created a rudimentary system that would allow the player to pick up certain items in the game and carry them around and possibly stacking them, allowing for unique gameplay not seen before in a Duke Nukem 3D TC. There were also several used unused environmental and cinematic effects, such as rain/snow, an airstrike, a meteor storm, just to name a few. These were not released to the public and were kept in proof-of-concept developer only code packages, which I intend on releasing soon.

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