A* Pathfinding


New version • Released 7/24/12. Contains complete nodegraph and A* code, and an example liztroop modification.

Old version • Release circa 2007. Unfortunately the game art is missing, as are all example maps. Posted here for historical purposes only.


The A* Pathfinding project is something that I started in 2007 and have again picked back up recently in my spare time. It is an attempt at bringing modern pathfinding into the aging engine. The original version used map placed waypoints to build navigation paths, as well as hint waypoints about the world (doorways, exposed positions, cover from attacks, so on) as well as various interactive elements (AI usable buttons, doors, etc.)

The new version that I am currently developing builds a node graph from the map itself. It also uses more updated functionality in the EDuke32 engine to make itself much more versatile. Node graphs are automatically built on map load and saved on disk to reduce map loading times.

Have questions? Need help? Want to sing praise? Visit the A* Pathfinding project at the Duke4.net forums.