One Game A Month 2013

I recently found out about One Game A Month, a game challenge where the goal is to release 1 new game a month, every month, for the year of 2013. I really like this idea. As I’ve lamented to a few people that I know, I’m really unhappy that I wasn’t able to release anything in 2012. There are some really valid circumstances as to why but I’ll spare you all the details.

In the past I’ve been content with releasing 1 thing a year. Usually it’s a more focused idea and is mostly complete. #1GAM gives me a chance to released basically a series of demos and continuously update them with new features/content/whatever. It’s something I haven’t tried and I want to give it a shot.

I do have plans for 1 or 2 “complete” games to be made and released. A few others will be polished, finished, or playable versions of tech demos I’ve made thus far. I’ll also probably throw in some of my half-complete HL2 maps or things of that nature.

Wish me luck!

Ludum Dare 22

So the theme for Ludum Dare #22 is out: Alone

Unfortunately, the ideas that immediately jump to mind I either have nowhere near the artistic ability to make them, or they’re completely derivative of Every Day The Same Dream, One Chance, or Halfquake: Amen.

I’d like to stay away from horror, since it seems both too simple and far too complex to really pull off. And again, really overdone with games like Amnesia and Limbo.

Fun With Unity

There’s got to be a good Dave Chapelle joke in that title somewhere.

I’ve been playing around with the Unity 3D engine recently and it’s blowing my mind. Here’s a little something I’ve worked on the past couple of nights. It’s pretty early still, far from what you would actually call a game, but things are shaping up really quickly for it thus far!

Unity RTS Demo

Thanks to Adric for one of the tanks, and dutchforce’s Tiberian Sun-era NOD Construction Yard model from Google Sketchup warehouse.

Special mention to this community example project which kind of put me on this path (and for, at the time of this writing, 2 of the models). I actually originally started out by converting this project from JavaScript to C#, but I have long since abandoned almost everything from the project (sans the models as placeholders).