One Game A Month 2013

I recently found out about One Game A Month, a game challenge where the goal is to release 1 new game a month, every month, for the year of 2013. I really like this idea. As I’ve lamented to a few people that I know, I’m really unhappy that I wasn’t able to release anything in 2012. There are some really valid circumstances as to why but I’ll spare you all the details.

In the past I’ve been content with releasing 1 thing a year. Usually it’s a more focused idea and is mostly complete. #1GAM gives me a chance to released basically a series of demos and continuously update them with new features/content/whatever. It’s something I haven’t tried and I want to give it a shot.

I do have plans for 1 or 2 “complete” games to be made and released. A few others will be polished, finished, or playable versions of tech demos I’ve made thus far. I’ll also probably throw in some of my half-complete HL2 maps or things of that nature.

Wish me luck!