New Site

Once again I’ve moved to a new site! Right now it looks like WordPress (because it is) but soon I’ll change over my old layout. So it will look like my old site except if my old site was WordPress (because it wasn’t).

Yeah, anyway. On with the show.

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  1. I saw you listed in the N7 discussion on N7:Armour Templates/Patterns & Prop Codex @ RPF –

    How do you edit the PSD files and break them apart into separate pieces to be transferred over to paper for printing…

    I have a viewer – and it shows the different layers – just don’t know to separate them

    Any suggestions would be great. I drew my own using an overhead projector and EvilFX drawing – and then made my own before finding these patterns…I only completed the chest piece so far and cut the back upper shoulder part and the ad plate…I have them sized for my height – but these are straight forward….



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