Real (Bullshit) Update

Well it’s been almost 2 months since I had a real update here, and I figure I might as well do one now since I have a brief moment away from the raging whirlwind of horse shit that is my busy, busy schedule.

As I stated in the previous but brief log, the server that and our network sites are running on had a bit of a hiccup recently with a few services, namely email. For about 5 days, no emails were going out from the server and the various sites hosted here, but everything has been updated and should be working properly. Not only does it work, but it works better than before! The server now functions as an operational mail server, bringing us one step closer to total autonomy.

I’ve also finished up the last bits of a huge overhaul to’s inner workings, and how everything operates. I wrote a neat little function for BBCode parsing, mostly for ThinkingWithPortals’s front page, but I’ve decided to include in all of my sites just because it is a neat little piece of code. This doesn’t really impact anyone or anything, other than you might start seeing pointless, out of place bits of stylized text for no good reason.

MyPHPsig is going to take a big leap here within the next month or so. The site has grown at an acceptable although slow pace, and I think it is about time to move it up into full status. At some point in the near future, I will be activating some long commented out code, and enabling a bandwidth restriction on MyPHPsig users. Out of 100 or so users, only about 3 or 4 actually hit this limit since you need about 15,000 hits per month to get there. Anyone who wishes to have more than the 500mb of transfer allotted a month, or anyone who wishes to have more than 25 pictures, can upgrade their accout to a Premium User and get 1gb of transfer and 50 images.

Of course, MyPHPsig will remain free for everyone and upgrading is only an option. I haven’t decided if I want to start throwing in randomized ads for MyPHPsig and/or put a watermark over images at random, but we’ll see how the Premium User thing goes first.

Lastly, I have started working on a few other small PHP programs that I will be adding to the site here within the next few weeks. Actually, expect the site to go through a major change in terms of content soon, since a lot has happened since I started recoding (read: abandoned) the old CMS tool I wrote. DNF, Portal, and new PHP projects are abound!

Upcoming MyPHPsig Changes

Well the site network has undergone the big transfer to our new hosting space, and everything appears to have gone off without a hitch. Welcome to my new home!

I have been doing the final touches on a major update for MyPHPsig. Aside from new features, the site will feature a whole new design that is more user friendly and easier to use. I am also working on allowing more stats features, such as useage graphs and stats emails. Stay tuned for more stuff!

Slap The Donald

One of the ads in Hotmail is a flash-scam-game called “Slap The Donald.” The objective is to beat up the animated face of Donald Trump that is sliding back and forth. Why do I bring this up?

He bleeds money signs when you hit him.

MyPHPsig has been an unforseen success, to the point where it causes the server to come to a screeching hault. Apparantly mysql has trouble working with 60,000+ rows of data every couple of seconds. I am going to have to optimize the code a bit in order to make the server not beg for mercy come the end of the month when that number of hits are racked up.

More PHP Sig

MyPHPsig is getting closer and closer to completion. I am really getting excited about it, there are a lot of features that I am really proud of. I am going to be ending the beta test soon and public registration will be available then. After that is all done, I am going to turn my attention back to MODSite and see if I can get that all said and done.

Unfortunatly, there isn’t any other news to report. What can I say, sometimes I am a one-track kind of guy.

MyPHPsig Almost Ready

I’ve pumped serious hours into this project since the last update and it really shows. Right now there isn’t much left to do with the signature site, just implimenting a few more features and it should be ready to go. Like usual, I’m more proud of the administrative UI, but overall it is a really cool script.

I haven’t touched my site / MODsite since I’ve been so busy with MyPHPsig, but I’m going to visit it once it’s all done and finished beta testing.

Hidden: Source news! mobscene_se is well in the way to being completed, and testing of both the map and the new gameplay mode should start very shortly. I will make sure that the first new screenshots of the map are here and nowhere else.

Keep checking back for more fun.

Adventures in PHP

One of my put-off projects is not only getting worked on, but it’s actually almost done. About a year ago, I wrote a nifty little random image forum signature script for a friend of mine, where he could upload and delete images, and see the number of hits and such. I eventually modded it more and more so that it became a pretty neat script, and I’ve decided to give PHP randomized images to the masses.

It is currently in the testing phase where a crack team of monkeys are going through it’s features and trying to test it’s limits. Hopefully by the end of the month it should be ready for full release for everyone to use! Check out MyPHPsig as soon as you can.

With the finishing development of MyPHPsig, I am going to turn my attention towards ModSite and finishing up the template. There are very few features left to impliment, so now it’s just a matter of optimizing the code. And I guess I should start working on the news portion some more, since the front page news is getting pretty long…

No mapping or modeling news right now, but check back because there is always fun stuff!